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Connection to the University's Network through VPN

What is a VPN?

VPN - Virtual Private Network - is a term denoting a network connection between two or more endpoints on a public network (like Internet) made private by data cryptography. Among possible uses, it allows to connect from any Internet access point to a corporate network, as you were connected directly from within, allowing remote access to normally confined resources.

For which reasons should I connect using the University of Trieste's VPN service?

  • Access computer services not open to Internet and/or reserved to particular users.

PLEASE NOTE: the University of Trieste's VPN service is NOT needed to:

  • access electronic bibliographic resources available from “Servizio Bibliotecario d'Ateneo” (WARNING: for this purpose, the EZproxy service is available), except rare cases of technical incompatibility;
  • use @units.it email accounts (webmail and server access, if correctly set, are accessible from the whole Internet);
  • browse “normal” University's websites;
  • browse normal Internet's websites.

The VPN service is only needed for some restricted resources, only when accessed from outside the University's network (ie. from home, mobile access…). Please check with that particular resource's administrators if you need to use VPN in such case.

How can I connect to University of Trieste's VPN service?

NOTE: we remind you that whoever connects to the University's Network (also through a VPN service) accepts its terms of use (Italian language only).

First of all you must have valid user name and password ("credenziali d'Ateneo", informations available only in Italian language).

At this time University of Trieste offers the VPN service by two means:

  • installing a client software on the computer that redirects all network traffic through the VPN connection;
  • access via WebVPN, that does not require any software installation but allows access to web only resources using a normal browser.

Client access

The client software is downloadable from the download page.

WARNING: operating systems' versions supported by “Area dei servizi ICT” are solely the ones envisaged by the client version available for download *and* that are still maintained by the manufacturer.


WebVPN access is available on this page.

Client software installation and usage

Download and install the software for your operating system from the download page.

Android and iOS clients need to be configured: create a new SSLVPN connection, set server to vpn.units.it and enable server's certificate check.

Run the installed software and use your credentials (with full domain information @ds.units.it) to access the VPN service.

At this point you are connected through the VPN: you can use your computer normally, as you were connected inside the University. That means for instance that if you want to view a web page, you just have to write the appropriate address in your browser (or use your conventional bookmarks).

In order to disconnect, open the software window clicking on the VPN icon then press Disconnect.

Session duration

NOTE: in order to optimize resource usage, the VPN service has a timer that disconnects sessions after some inactivity time.

Support requests

If, despite the informations provided on this and related pages, you still experience problems with the VPN service, you can contact "servizio reti" to get support. Please try to explain your issue in the most complete way, thank you.

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